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Darko Precision, Inc. has emerged as an industry leader in the machining and assembly of close-tolerance machined parts. Based in the Silicon Valley Darko Precision continues to provide excellent customer service and a continuous improving environment. 

Our services have expanded to include engineering support, mechanical assembly, vacuum welding and clean room assembly.


  Since 1984, Darko Precision has established a reputation for delivering machined products of the highest quality, in a timely manner. The continued focus of the company has been to invest in the most efficient manufacturing tools to produce close-tolerance, critical parts. Through constant dedication to improving the quality process, Darko Precision, Inc. has become an industry leader and benchmark to which other shops compare themselves. The belief that the job is never too good has led to a challenging work environment. Sales have been generated strictly by the reputation of excellent quality and service.

     In order to support the focus of the company, Darko Precision has recently completed a transfer of its original manufacturing facility to an expanded and fully modernized building located on 470 Gianni Street in Santa Clara, California. The larger upgraded facility offers unprecedented opportunities for growth, which benefits both customer and supplier. With the additional space, a process flow layout was implemented to further improve production output. Expanded departments in welding and mechanical assembly have been added to increase the level of service available to the customer. Also, new CNC pallet-loading machines were installed to increase capacity and lower costs.

     Even though we are certified to the latest ISO standard we are still pursuing an ambitious internal process improvement program. In parallel with this activity the management is dedicated to continuing the business growth experienced over the last 30 years.